Courses & Lectures

My lectures mainly cover the subjects of mindfulness, stress management, or Amish. All courses are available digitally. All prices are indicative. Adaptations to accommodate wishes regarding structure and organization can be made.

MBC certification course

The MBC certification course is designed for those who want to become MBC instructors. Participants receive a thorough introduction to MBC's theoretical rationale, experiences from the course, as well as practical exercises in how to communicate MBC. The course has a duration of 3 x 2 days.

Course fee: NOK 16.000,- (NOK 12.000,- for students)

MBC introduction course

This one-day MBC introduction course provides a presentation of MBC, alongside selected skills and methods used in MBC. The one-day format is adequate for larger institutions or organizations aiming to provide their employees with tools for stress management.

Course fee (6 hrs.): NOK 30.000,-


Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is an 8-week mindfulness intervention. Each weekly meeting has a duration of two hours, in addition to a full-day retreat in the sixth week of the course. The course is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn to cope with stress.

Course fee: NOK 8.000,- (per person)


.breathe is a program with four sessions that focuses on the school's transition years for adolescents aged 9-14. The topics are part of a broader curriculum for personal, health, social and economic education or as part of a transition-specific intervention for the target group. .breathe is an opportunity for both teacher and students to be introduced to mindfulness, and explore the ways the method can support them through the highs and lows of adolescence. The four weekly sessions have a duration of between 30 minutes and one hour and are particularly useful in the period up to the end of the last years of primary school or the first years of secondary school.

Course fee: NOK 20.000,- (per class)

Other lectures

Topics are mindfulness, stress management, social and emotional competence, Amish or other topics related to my field of expertise.

Fee per hour: NOK 8.000,-


I supervise institutions, organizations or individuals who wish to work with topics within my field of expertise.

Fee per hour: NOK 1.500,-

For an overview of former assignments, publications and media contributions, see CRISTIN.
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